About Natalia Laverde Photography

I graduated with a BS in Social Communication and Journalism. Earned a Master in Organizational Communication Management (2002), and a Social Anthropology Master's Degree in 2016. I have worked independently as a Photographer and Organizational Communications Consultant since 1999. In order to expand my photographic knowledge and experience I participated in professional photography workshops at Houston Center for Photography (HCP), and Rice University (Glasscock School of Continuing Studies).

In 2019 my husband and I created El Bosque y La Niebla Foundation to protect and restore cloudforest in our Nature Preserve La Ilusión (2007), where we reconciliate people with their environment teaching and experiencing socio-ecological restoration. I am a Relational Forest Therapy Guide certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy - Guides and Programs, (ANFT) one of the most recognized organizations in the field, based in Arizona (U.S) and use Forest Therapy for educational purposes.

I have  produced several documentary, industrial, and artistic projects for companies and organizations in the Energy and Environment sectors. I work on individual projects that allow me explore different bodies of photographic work about the relationship between human beings, and nature. 


Collective exhibitions

  • Learning Curve 4 (Pianist on the Wall, 2009, chosen as the cover of the booklet invitation to 2010's exhibition) Houston, Tx
  • Artist's Dialogue (Boiling Oxygen , 2010) Houson Tx
  • Spin 8 (Pictures of Four Trees 2012).Houston, Tx
  • FotoFest Biennial 2014, Houston,Tx. Continental Drift.
  • Atellier Jacquinet, ArtCrawl Houston, 2015 (Most popular choice award)
  • Jardines de poder, Acero Galería, Bogotá, 2022

Solo exhibitions

  • 200 years, 2010, Consulate General of Colombia, Houston.
  • Translocal Landscapes, 2017, Colombia, Jeymarte Art Gallery
  • FotoSíntesis, 2018, Colombia, Jeymarte Art Gallery.
  • Balseros, Queens Theatre, NYC, 2019
  • Nostalgia del Jardín Salvaje, Jeymarte Gallery, Bogotá, 2023

Conferences and workshops

  • History of Photography and Photography in History (Conference). Cúcuta, Colombia (Biblioteca Julio Pérez Ferrero) 2017 organized by Fundación Cinco en punto.
  • Contemplative Photography Workshop.

Books and articles

My photographs have been published as covers or accompanying articles of diverse media such as: Army Magazine (National Army of Colombia ), La Voz Newspaper (Houston Chronicle), Consulate General of Colombia in Houston, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, Instituto de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt (Colombia), Resnatur (Colombia, among other institutions and organizations.

  • Book "200 Years" (Bicentennial Independence of Colombia in Houston 2010) supported by the Consulate General of Colombia
  • The Houston Diaries book devoted to landscapes of weather in the Mexican Gulf (Blurb. com, 2011)
  • PhotoBook. The Diaspora´s Dance (2012) has contributed to strengthen the National identity in Colombian youngters or descendats in Texas (US). The book gathers images of Café Dancing Company shows and rehearsals.
  • Cartilla Estrategias Complementarias de conservación (2018, participación edición y fotografias) Resnatur, IAvH, Fundación Natura.2019
  • Santamaría, Marcela, Laverde Natalia, et al, Quebrada Valencia, gota a gota se forma un río.en Voces de la gestión territorial, estrategias para la conservacion de la biodiversidad en Colombia. Instituto de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt, Fundación Natura.2019
  • Frog´s Legs. A children´s book: Through the bilingual book Frog's Leg, published independently by Blurb (2009), and then published by Editorial 531 in 2014 in Colombia.
  • ¨Alien anecdotes and other photographs¨ in process, unplublished. A project of visual anthropology. 

Please let me know about you. I encourage you to visit my portfolio and share your toughts about my artwork through Facebook, Instagram or this site. Welcome! .

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